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When skilled strategic change management and effective operational execution expertise matter, The Transformation Initiative has the team you need


We de-risk your transformation journey by working closely with you across the core dimensions of people, process, technology and governance, challenging your thinking and pressure-testing your ideas


We are trusted counsel to business, government and not-for-profit organisations


We think and act at the systems level – understanding the complex challenges you face and helping you to overcome them, backed by quantitative and qualitative data.  We challenge you to be the best you can be and are innately curious, seeking the 'why' and not just the 'how'.

We know that as an organisation you have the knowledge and information within. We work alongside you to unlock your rich potential and drive value and results.

We are as nimble and agile as we can be and see ourselves as your partners for as long as we add value.  We look to create prosperous futures for our communities and to have fun along the way, because doing 'good' is good business!





What we deliver


We know from personal experience that leadership can be lonely.  We partner with you and form strong alliances to provide you trusted, experienced counsel.  We help organisations change, create better futures and become more robust and responsive.  Client value creation is at the heart of our 'DNA' and we 'go the extra mile' in our research into the forces and trends impacting your industry and business.  Specifically, we...

Facilitate Foresight & Strategy Development

We help you to understand the nature of change and the forces affecting your industry and what that means for you. We help you to unpack new ideas and ways of thinking to position you and your organisation for ongoing success.  We think and act differently, provoking and stimulating new ideas with you and your leadership team.  Our foresight methodologies and tools help you better understand your strategic context.  In doing so, we work with you to design and execute the best roadmap to your desired future.


Enable & Implement Organisational Change Management

Transformation never ends. We assess the key elements of change - Impact, Adoption and Capability - to guide and support ongoing organisational improvement.  We determine your change risk and develop tailored Change Strategies, executing in agile ’90-day sprints’ - learning, adapting and building capability internally in each cycle.  We bring pragmatic execution approaches to align your vision and objectives to key performance measures and outcomes.

Enhance Leadership Capability 

Building internal leadership enables change that lasts.  We work with your leaders, bringing insights and expertise to help you navigate uncertain times.  Our experienced change leaders provide a robust sounding board to pressure-test your thinking and ideas.  Through our association with the global John Maxwell Team we work with you to unlock your thinking and accelerate your growth one-on-one and via group coaching.

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